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Shell Intilaaqah strengthens young people’s career options by enabling them to switch from being an employee to becoming an employer, or making the transition from seeking employment to creating employment. Our trainees have set up 1,100 businesses – and we advised another 500 existing small and medium businesses. Together, they created well over 3,000 jobs.

Shell Intilaaqah has been training Saudi entrepreneurs since 2010. Over the past years, Shell Intilaaqah trained, supported and mentored 10,000 Saudis – the majority of which were women. All free of charge.

The Shell Intilaaqah programme is part of Shell’s global LiveWire initiative. Since its inception, the programme has grown rapidly to become one of the industry's largest organisations for young entrepreneurs in the world.


Shell Intilaaqah’s success wouldn’t be possible without the support from its partners: the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu, the British Council, the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and the Saudi Credit Bank.

We are convinced that the ingenuity, intelligence and innovation of entrepreneurs form the foundation of a sustainable economy.

For more information about the Shell Intilaaqah initiative and how to join, please visit:

Shell Intilaaqah Website