Local Saudi men discussing road safety and accidents

Shell is always serious about safety. This commitment extends to the wider community.

Here in the Kingdom, we're working with our Road Safety ambassador HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Alfaisal to raise awareness of how greater caution on the road can avoid personal suffering.

The beginning of 2015 marked the launch of ما_تسوى# “Ma'tesswa” meaning not worth it. Shell KSA has taken to social media in the hope that the latest campaign will have a lasting impact on the citizens of Saudi Arabia. 

Shell KSA has captured real life stories of people who have had their lives changed after road traffic accidents, in the hope of changing driver’s attitudes throughout the country.  Each story is a heartbreaking reminder that the consequences of reckless driving last a lifetime.

Majid, a road accident victum, with the Shell road safety ambassador on a bench in the park

This is Majid's story

Speeding to work, without a seatbelt, Majid tragically lost both his legs when his car crashed into a fence. His depression – and his family’s sadness – was relieved only when advanced prosthetic legs allowed him to walk again. “I even hope to become a runner one day,” he says, “but I really wouldn’t want anyone else – whether by speeding or by not wearing a seatbelt – to follow in my footsteps.”

As a leading international energy company, Shell is always serious about safety. It’s a commitment that extends to the wider community we operate in. And here in the Kingdom, we’re working with our Safety Ambassador HRH Prince Abdulaziz Turki Alfaisal, to raise awareness of how greater caution on the road can help reduce personal suffering.

You can view many other stories from our ما_تسوى# “Ma'tesswa” road safety campaign in the video gallery below.

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