Company Profile

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Opening JOSLOC Plant 1985

The formal business relationship between Al Jomaih Holding Company And Shell Overseas Investment B.V., started on 15th October 1956.

Since that time, wide experience and a full awareness of the Saudi market requirements have been acquired, enabling Shell International to develop high-quality Lubricants specifically for the Saudi market.

In 1982, Al Jomaih became the No.1 distributor of Shell lubricants in the world. In the light of this significant achievement, a decision was taken for the partners to enter into a Joint Venture.

Actual production began on the 15th October 1985. The Plant was officially inaugurated by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, the then Governor of Riyadh, on 16th March 1987, endorsing continuous support to the nation and the enhancement of constructive cooperation between the two partners.

As a result, Al Jomaih And Shell Lubricating Oil Company Limited has become one of Shell's top-ranking Joint Ventures worldwide.

Our Purpose

Shell Super Plus Legacy Product

The reason our business exists is to serve our customers with excellence as ONE JOSLOC.

In serving with excellence and with our core values as ONE JOSLOC, we should be the first choice for our customers, our shareholders, our people and our business partners.

Our five-pillar Good to Great (G2G) strategy to meet our purpose – Portfolio, Route to Market, People, Customer Focus and Operational Excellence – is all about serving with excellence.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, Respect for People, Law and Safety.


Shell Rotella Production Line

We serve our portfolio of top-quality and premium products and services supported by world-class local professionals living by our values.

Our portfolio is our products and services and the things that contribute to them – our supply chain, our plant, our business lines and our support functions.

It is also the strength of the Shell and JOSLOC brand, our values, our people, our culture, our processes and our systems – the way we do business.

Products can easily be replicated but brand, culture, processes and systems cannot. With all these elements together, we aim to differentiate ourselves from all other lubricants players in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


One JOSLOC Family

Those who serve are the people in our organization – our team as ONE JOSLOC, both employees and contractors.

This requires building strong and lasting value-driven relationships with our customers by having a Customer 1st mindset.

It also means creating a value-chain ecology with channel partners and logistic partners.

It calls for development of local talent, support for our shareholders, the government, society and the environment in which we operate.

It results in JOSLOC being seen as the employer of choice.

Customer Focus

Shell Costumers B2C

We exist for our customers and because of our customers. It is therefore very important to know our customers well, to understand their needs and to honour the promises made to them.

We should put customers at the heart of everything we do – a Customer 1st mind-set as ONE JOSLOC, whether we interact with them directly or not.

Customers should see us as the brand of choice.

We must create an exceptional customer experience, enabled by the value of our offering.

We must continuously think of ways to improve the care we provide to our customers every minute of every day.