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Shell LubeAdvisor

Our experts can advise you on which oil to use to improve efficiency and reduce your operating costs.

Shell LubeAnalyst

This early warning system lets you identify potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

Shell LubeCoach

We coach your team to deliver better performance through an in-depth lubrication training programme.

Shell LubeMatch

Use our Shell LubeMatch tool to find the right oil for your vehicle.

Shell LubeVideoCheck

This sophisticated fibre optic tool lets you inspect the inside of your engine without dismantling it.

Shell LubeVan

On-site lubricant analysis allows instant application and smarter maintenance which enables you to take a proactive approach to maintenance.

Shell LubeCoachAcademy

Shell LubeCoachAcademy is a scalable, online learning platform designed to help lower your Total Cost of Operation.

Shell LubeExpert

Designed to help mining customers reduce costs and improve productivity through better lubrication management.