Discover how to improve equipment reliability and save money on your maintenance

Shell LubeAnalyst is a health check for your lubricants and machinery. It is an oil condition monitoring service which helps keep your business running smoothly, by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

Shell LubeAnalyst will help your business save money and time on maintenance and potential lost production caused by equipment failures. It is an early warning system which aims to ensure that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

The Shell LubeAnalyst system is fast and easy to use. Having registered for the service online, you take oil samples from your equipment and send them to one of our laboratories. As soon as we have tested and analysed your samples, you will receive the reports via LubeAnalyst system with diagnosis and recommendations. This way, Shell LubeAnalyst provides an early warning system to give you peace of mind, knowing that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

The new customer portal will provide an enhanced user experience through its new design and intuitive navigation. Your personalised dashboard contains interactive charts and widgets, highlighting samples of interest and information of importance. From the homepage, you can gain an overview of all your sites, or compare individual assets, thereby easily reviewing data on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.