Shell Rimula R6 M

Shell Rimula R6 M 10w-40

Proven to provide exceptional wear protection1 and improved piston cleanliness2

Shell Rimula R6 M provides:

  • Wear Protection: 20% improved Ring wear protection and 40% improved linear wear protection1
  • Provides significantly improved piston cleanliness2
  • Excellent Acid & Corrosion Control: Demonstrated a reduction in lead corrosion of more than 97%3
  • Protection at low Temperatures : Up to 80% better4 at minimizing filter plugging with pressure drops across the filter


SAE viscosity grade: 10W-40 

ACEA: E7, E4; API: CI-4; Caterpillar: ECF-2; Cummins: CES 20078; Deutz: DQC IV-10; MAN: M3377; MB-Approval 228.5; Volvo: VDS-3; MTU: Category 3; Renault trucks: RLD-2; JASO: DH-1; IVECO T3 E4 (Meets)

The product specifications listed above may vary from time to time and may not all be available for sale in your specific country. To obtain a specific recommendation for your vehicle from our product portfolio, please use our free online oil recommendation tool, Shell Lubematch

1 Compared to the ACEA E7-12 limit as measured in the Mak T12 EGR test
2 Compared to the API CI-4 limit as measured in the caterpillar 1k engine test.
3 Compared with the API CI-4 and Cummins 20078 limits., as measured in the Cummins high- temperature corrosion bench test
4 Compared with the Cummins 20081 limit

Shell Rimula R4X

Shell Rimula r4 x 15w-40

Designed to Provide Triple Protection

Shell Rimula (R4 X) is formulated with Shell’s innovative Dynamic Protection technology, which features an advanced additive system that adapts to your engine’s specific requirements. This helps to provide protection in three key areas:

  • acid and corrosion control: It protects against corrosion by controlling the acids formed as the fuel burns1
  • wear control: It maintains strongly protective oil films to keep critical engine components working.1
  • deposit control: It resists high-temperature oxidation, thereby keeping engines clean from deposits1

Shell Rimula R4X provides:

  • Up to 50% better engine cleanliness1
    Up to 50% more cleanliness control, i.e., less engine sludge, in different parts of the engine has been demonstrated in key engine tests for meeting US and European specifications.
  • Up to 50% better acid corrosion protection1
    Shell Rimula R4 X is proven to give up to 50% more protection in engine and laboratory tests and field trials under real-world truck driving conditions.
  • Up to 30% better wear protection1
    In the Mack T-10 engine test, Shell Rimula R4 X demonstrated up to 30% better wear protection of engine piston rings and cylinder liners than required to meet the API CI-4 specification.
shell rimula r4 x


SAE viscosity grade: 15W-40

API: CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF. SL; ACEA: E7, E5, E3; Global: DHD-1; Caterpillar: ECF-2, ECF-1-A; Cummins: CES 20078, 77, 76 ,75, 72 ,71; DDC: 93K215; Deutz: DQC III-10; IVECO: T1 (Meets requirements);JASO: DH-1; Mack EO-M+, EO-M; MAN: M3275-1; MB-Approval 228.3; MTU: Category 2; Renault Trucks: RLD-2; Volvo: VDS-3;

SAE viscosity grade: 20W-50

API: CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF; ACEA: E7; MAN: M3275-1; MB-Approval 228.3; JASO: DH-1; Deutz: DQC III-10

The product specifications listed above may vary from time to time and may not all be available for sale in your specific country. To obtain a specific recommendation for your vehicle from our product portfolio, please use our free online oil recommendation tool, Shell Lubematch

1 Relative to API and ACEA engine oil specification limits in a key engine test selected to be representative across multiple engines


You deliver on time, every time, no matter what. That’s why Shell Rimula R4 X is designed to provide protection for your engine against wear in various weather conditions. Because out here, we know your success rides on your ability to overcome challenges. Isn’t it good to know your protection is up to the job?

Based on a high degree of engine wear and cleanliness control shown in ACEA and OEM engine tests and field trials.

Shell Rotella

Shell Rotella TX 50

Rotella TX oils are high-quality diesel engine oils created for use in high-speed, naturally aspirated and moderately rated turbocharged units.

Performance Features:

  • Controlled engine deposits: Rotella TX oils incorporate an advanced detergent additive system to control piston deposits and maintain good standards of engine cleanliness.
  • Dependability: Over many years, Rotella TX oils have built a reputation for dependability.
  • High TBN retention: Excellent Total Base Number (TBN) retention to ensure protection throughout the oil drain interval.
  • Good engine protection: Enhanced protection against corrosion and wear.
  • Oxidation resistant: High resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation ensures long oil life and low tendency for deposit formation.

Shell Rimula Product Benefits

Acid protection

Acid protection

In the engine, combustion acids can escape into the crankcase. Low quality oils may fail to protect vital components from these acids, leading to corrosion that may cause catastrophic engine failure.

Shell Rimula oils contain powerful antioxidant agents that adapt chemically to neutralise acids before they can damage your oil and your engine.

Deposit protection

Deposit protection

Whether it’s piston deposits or crankcase sludge, dirt in your engine can reduce its efficiency and increase your fuel costs. Shell Rimula diesel engine oils contain molecules that adapt to remove and then block deposit-forming particles to help keep engines clean and protected.

Wear control

Wear control

Wear protection is particularly critical at high-pressure contact points, such as in the engine valve train and gearbox.  Shell Rimula diesel engine oils have adaptive molecules that are designed to protect the engine by reacting under heat and pressure to form a protective film that helps to reduce wear.